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My newest Etsy treasury: Red Hot!

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WKSU Folk Festival

Marcus Thomas creatives designed the ads (with five slogans in all) for WKSU’s 44th Annual Folk Festival. But great ads alone don’t translate into a successful event. That’s where Public Relations Manager Meghan Ohnmeiss stepped in. 

 Ann VerWeibe, WKSU’s Public Relations specialist, approached Ohnmeiss in September in quite a predicament: The festival that was started by students for students 43 years before was now scarcely attended by Kent State undergrads. VerWeibe issued Ohnmeiss the challenging task of luring Kent State students back to Folk Fest.

To do so, Ohnmeiss drafted a promotional plan that heavily emphasized on-campus awareness. Associates hung flyers and posters, passed out postcards, chalked, and promoted the festival through various student media outlets.

“It was hectic at times,” Ohnmeiss said. “There was a lot of different tasks that needed completed by different deadlines…but, overall, we got done what we needed to.”

Ohnmeiss said the road to the 44th Annual Folk Festival was anything but easy. Musicians changed on a daily basis, new materials streamed in days before the festival and WKSU cancelled the Cave Singer’s Saturday night concert.

But, despite all of that, Ohnmeiss said she believes WKSU was satisfied with the Tannery’s contribution.

“I believe so. I hope so. That is why we’re here; we’re here to make the client happy and help them reach their goals. We did everything to the best of our ability.”


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Created by Jennifer Maestre, inspired by nature. 

These sculptures are so beautiful to look at, and incredibly detailed that I find something different to look at each time!

So enjoy!…



I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!

So I have started to get the feeling again that I just cant catch up with everything that needs to be done, and whether you have that feeling, think there is just not enough time in the day, or are actually always late, I think this clever clock would definitely make me smile when I saw it and brighten up my day for sure. 



Speak Up!

Hey there! Sorry it’s been such a long time since my last post. I have no excuse or explanation for my absense.

Anyways, tonight’s quick little post is about speakers, and how they don’t have to be dumb little things with knobs sitting on the corners of your desk. If you just put a little thought into it, you’ll find you can put speakers in anything. Anything.

The first item is hilariously called the “Woofer”. They are, for lack of better terms, a pair of headless dogs with speakers in their necks. Designed by Sander Mulder, they are a beautiful and bizarre duo.

Coming in black and white, they’re a wonderfully kitsch system to hook up at home. The best part is that they’re only 1400 bucks! I just bought four sets myself.

You can find them here:

Remember gramaphones? Yeah, those were the days. Well bringing back the antique way of projecting the hardcore beats of the 1870s is the awe-inspiring FH001. I tend to dislike non-characteristic names like this, but I believe that it actually works with these obnoxiously sweet futuristic speakers. Made by Ferguson Hill, these tubes are the “world’s first ever front loaded horn dipole loudspeaker”. I know, sounds like the greatest thing ever. Well take a second and calm down before you look at the price: $20,000. I just sold my dog speakers and a kidney and got one of these.

More info here:

The last speakers I’m featuring is only one simple picture, no info, no nothing.

Just. Rad. Speakers.

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Human aquarium?

This is by far one of my favorite pools ive ever seen! It was designed by Andres Remy Architects and was built in Devoto, Argentina. Not only can you see into the pool from the yard but because of the placement the family can even watch from inside the house on the sofa! I also love the non traditional wood that surrounds it that make it look more like a spa than the traditional concrete!

The pool fits into the landscape of the yard and surrounding buildings extremely well, while still allowing sunlight to hit the water and deck.

The view from the house of the pool is beautiful, and I imagine with the lighting the view at night time is equally amazing.



ReborneJewelry Interview

Today we feature an interview with Flora, from Reborne Jewelry! You may remember her work from this post! Even with a young family to occupy her, this amazing artist finds time to create one of a kind (not to mention recycled) jewelry! Be sure to check out her shop—you won’t regret it!

1. Give us a little background about yourself

    I am a visual artist and who has a passion for creating jewelry with unnoticed materials.  I originate from Hong Kong and have lived in both the U.K. and the U.S.. Now I am residing in Paris with my husband and my 3-year old daughter.

 2. What do you do apart from designing/crafting?

I read, I hang out with friends and I am full-time mother to Inès.

3. How long have you been designing?

I have been designing since I was in design school, since 2005.

4. What is your most recent design?

I have just created some zipper earrings and rings. They have helped me to explore different design techniques and have also made me to visualise an object at a different angle.

5. How do you prepare yourself to create?

I need to be detached totally from my designs for a few days. I go out to take air at a country park or browse architectural designs at wherever the city has to offer. It could be at a church, museum, etc or it could be an object like a sculpture or pattern.


6. How much time do you spend in the studio on a day-to-day basis?

It varies. About 2-4 hours a day, depending on my daily schedule.

7. How has your business changed in the last year?

I launched Reborne Jewelry just over a year ago. The brand is getting known little by little through publicity from bloggers and I had the honor to have accessorised the dancers of the French pop star Hamid Fritz on stage during his performance of the NRJ Music Award in Cannes last January. Since May, I have also launched the Reborne Jewelry facebook fan page. It is a lot of hard work but I have a passion for what I create and I would like to share that with the world.

8. Is your work available from a source other than Etsy?

At the moment,my zipper jewelry can only be purchased online at my Etsy store. However, I forsee very soon within this year there will be a selling point available in Paris.

9. Tell us a random fact about yourself

Perfectionist….not necessarily is a good thing!!

10. Pirates or ninjas? Why? 
Definitely ninjas. I love their swift moves!






I want this on my street!

I found these amazing street illustrations and i would like to share my favorites with you! If you would like to see more you can check out…

"The Crevasse" by Edgar Muller

" A Cave in London" by Edgar Muller

"Waterfall" by Edgar Muller

Untitled by Marc Spijkerbosch

"Siete Punto Uno" by John Pugh



Son of a Beach

I just returned from a very relaxing—and very warm—vacation to the Chincoteague/Assateague islands in Virginia! This was my second trip to the beach there, and I have to say that it was even better the second time around! Other than the wicked sunburn I developed, every experience was enjoyable :)

If you know me, you know that I hate anything beach themed—to a point. I strongly dislike ‘vacation home’ colors (washed out pastels), ‘hotel prints’ (artwork depicting some beach with the token sea star and snail shell), and nearly any item that has sea shells attached to it! I prefer to let nature relax me, without the constant interference of commercialization.

With the smell of the ocean still lingering in my suitcase, and my hands still exfoliated from digging in the sand, I decided to extend my vacation to all of you by offering some of the neatest ‘non-obnoxious, beachy’ fashion items I could find!

#1 Nautilus Grocery Tote by Vivisectapparel; $3.50

Lots of cool things going on here! I love that the bag is recycled polyester, the implication of the golden section, and the use of an ancient sea creature! The color combination is excellent and the size of the bag is very practical for hauling groceries, books, or whatever needs to get from point A to B! Keep this shop on your radar for sweet tshirts and bags!

#2 Golden Amber Sunset Capiz Shell Earrings by Go2Girl; $14

I picked up some similar shells on the beach, and immediately knew that they would make great jewelry! I love the transparency of the capiz shells. This not only adds to their interest, but also reduces the weight of the earring! Go2Girl has added silver edging and ear wires, making a stunning natural feature even more beautiful. Check out this shop for unique vacation jewelry that you won’t find at a tourist attraction!

#3 Mother of Pearl and Silver Necklace by Loveandadorn; $65

Chic and stylish, a perfect addition to any summer outfit! The necklace styling may remind you of the tribal necklaces adorned with teeth and claws. This feminine version is stunning, not to mention modern! As LoveandAdorn states, this necklace is “an instant vacation!”

#4 Nautilus Shell Pendant by LittleDevilDesigns; $19

The thing that drew me to this necklace, apart from the nautilus shape, is the visual weight it carries. I am so happy that LittleDevilDesigns chose to attach the pendant ‘animal side’ up, drawing the eye upward to your pretty face! Add all of that to sterling silver and voila! Gorgeous. LittleDevilDesigns is home to hundreds of beautiful silver pendants and charms; you’re sure to stumble on something you love!

#5 The Sea Shell Zipper Ring by ReborneJewelry; $30

A quirky use of material and asymmetry combine to create a downright awesome ring! Designed to be worn on any finger you like, this ring is as versatile as it is chic. Wear it with the perfect ‘little black dress’ to add visual interest and ensure a conversation with whoever happens to see it! ReborneJewelry is home to artisan jewelry, most made using zippers!